Dr. Kiley Hamlin receives new Cascadia Engagement Fund grant

Toddler Gloria Slevinsky sits on her mother Janine Slevinsky’s lap across from Dr. Kiley Hamlin (left), Professor and Canada Research Chair of Developmental Psychology at UBC. (Photo by Della Rollins)

Join us in congratulating Dr. Kiley Hamlin, recipient of the Cascadia Engagement Fund grant, a collaboration between UBC and the University of Washington. This pilot fund has been developed to enable the development of research collaboration between the two universities. The fund will support activities such as intensive workshops on focused topics involving faculty from both universities.

One of seven recipients, Dr. Hamlin’s social-cognitive development collaborative mobility proposal was selected to receive this funding.


Dr. Kiley Hamlin, Canada Research Chair of Developmental Psychology, focuses her research on the role of evaluative processes in our everyday cognitions about the world. Particularly, she explores the developmental building blocks of moral action and judgement in infancy before the influence of cultural norms and values. Through her research, she hopes to identify how these early building blocks interact with culture and other aspects of cognitive development to create mature moral beings.

Dr. Hamlin is also part of the Early Development Research Group, a consortium of six research centres interested in the development of language, learning and social understanding in infants and children.