Dr. Kiley Hamlin named Member or the RSC College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Congratulations to Dr. Kiley Hamlin, who is now a Member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Dr. Hamlin is among the Canadians recognized as an emerging leader in her field of research and by accepting membership, she joins a national community of scholars, artists and scientists that embodies the diversity of outstanding intellectual achievement in Canada.

“I’m deeply honoured to join the College of New Scholars of the Royal Society of Canada. I’m excited to utilize this opportunity to represent UBC and engage with other top young academics about critical issues for Canadians and people around the world.” -Dr. Kiley Hamlin

Kiley Hamlin is an Associate Professor and Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychology. Her internationally recognized and award-winning research explores the earliest developmental origins of the human moral sense, by examining the emergence of moral judgement and action in preverbal infants, who lack language, sophisticated cognitive abilities, and extensive experience with cultural norms and values. More broadly, Hamlin is interested in the origins of human social and moral cognition from both an ontogenetic and phylogenetic perspective.

The College provides the Royal Society of Canada with a multi-generational capacity to help Canada and the world address major challenges and seize new opportunities including those identified in emerging fields. The 2018 Members will be welcomed into the RSC this November, at a celebration in Halifax. Read the RSC’s announcement.

Citations courtesy of the Royal Society of Canada.