Dr. Kiley Hamlin Receives 2015 APS Rising Star Award

Hamlin_Psych_WebUBC Psychology’s Dr. Kiley Hamlin is the recipient of a 2015 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Rising Star Award in recognition of the exceptional work she achieved early in her research career.

Dr. Hamlin is among awardees from esteemed institutions located across the globe including the University of Oxford, Harvard University, and Yale University. The APS Rising Star award seeks to distinguish those psychological scientists who have made significant contributions to research early in their careers. Such recognition shows not only past achievement but is also indicative of great potential for their continued contributions.

“I am humbled and flattered by this award,” says Hamlin. “And given the broad scope of APS, I hope that it will serve to introduce my work to individuals in all areas of psychology.”

Dr. Kiley Hamlin, is Director of the UBC Centre for Infant Cognition and Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychology. Her research focuses on the earliest developmental origins of humans’ sociomoral judgments in infancy, guided by theories of the evolution of cooperation. In order to study the foundational origins of these processes before complex cognitive abilities and the influences of cultural norms and values, she examines these questions using preverbal infants and young toddlers.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Hamlin on this honour!

-Samantha Yang


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