Congratulations to the PURC award winners

Photo of PURC by Psychology Students’ Association

Photo of PURC by Psychology Students’ Association of UBC

On April 1 and 2, the psychology community came together to celebrate undergraduate student research at the 18th Annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) .

PURC is an opportunity for our undergraduate researchers to showcase their work, gain experience in presenting at conferences, and contribute to the scientific community. With the opportunity to share research also comes the chance to be recognized for excellence in conducting and presenting that research.

Join us in congratulating the winners of ‘Best Poster’ and ‘Best Oral Presentation’ at PURC this past weekend. Each award recipient will receive a certificate honouring their achievement and $100, courtesy of the Department of Psychology.

From a total of 51 posters

Hanne Collins
The scent of social support

Fouziah Khairati
A point to remember: effects of referential cures on memory

Lauren Wylie
Comparing engagement profiles of true freshman and transfer students

Marisa Gagne (honorable mention)
Novelty as a marker for creative expertise

From a total of 19 talks

Robin Richardson
Using a rodent model of postpartum depression to examine paroxetine efficacy

Austin Rothwell
Gaze-contingent versus traditional versions of the Implicit Association Test

Ryan Villamin (honorable mention)
Changing gender norms: male nurses


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