Building international ties to investigate the role of social relationships and health

The Berlin Workshop Group.

Faculty and graduate students from the Department of Psychology’s health area recently travelled to Berlin to establish new ties with several research teams.

At the core of the visit was a two-day workshop at the Free University of Berlin (FUB). The workshop, a first of its kind, explored the role of social relationships for health outcomes across the adult lifespan.

The workshop was made possible through a UBC-FUB linkage grant. Along with roundtable discussions and individual meetings, the workshop resulted in new health psychology research collaborations and potential graduate student exchanges.

Drs. Christiane Hoppmann, UBC, and Nina Knoll, FUB. (L-R)

Dr. Christiane Hoppmann, Associate Professor of Psychology at UBC says the UBC-FUB linkage grant played a pivotal role in building new partnerships. “We created a platform for exchanging ideas,” says Hoppmann. “This will likely lead to new collaborations among faculty, while at the same time providing the next generation of health psychology scholars with excellent networking opportunities. The conversations kicked off several projects that are already in the planning stages.”

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