2017 Maclean’s rankings: UBC Psychology ranks first in Canada, again

Toddler Gloria Slevinsky sits on her mother Janine Slevinsky's lap across from Kiley Hamlin (left), Canada Research Chair of Developmental Psychology, at UBC in Vancouver. Hamlin's research studies babies and toddlers and sharing. In this experiment Slevinsky was provided with treats that she ccould choose to share with a stuffed toy. (Photograph by Della Rollins)

Toddler Gloria Slevinsky sits on her mother Janine Slevinsky’s lap across from Dr. Kiley Hamlin (left), Professor and Canada Research Chair of Developmental Psychology at UBC. (Photo by Della Rollins)

UBC Psychology is ranked first among Canadian psychology departments for the second year in a row by Maclean’s magazine.

Maclean’s ranked the best universities in 10 program areas—including psychology—and UBC Psychology ranks number one in Canada. Psychology is the most popular undergraduate major at UBC, with over 1800 students working toward their BA degree and over 150 studying for their BSc degree. Maclean’s used hard data provided by the academic publishing company Elsevier and their own reputation survey sent out to academics, and based on this they scored where to best study by program area.

For a better understanding of the rankings, learn about Maclean’s methodology.