Core faculty

Lynn Alden (Professor and Director of Clinical Training), PhD University of Illinois, Urbana, 1975
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: CBT; Evidence-based Interpersonal 

Paul Hewitt (Professor), PhD University of Saskatchewan, 1988
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Psychodynamic; Interpersonal dynamic (Sullivanian)

Charlotte Johnston (Professor), PhD Florida State University, 1987
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Behavioural; Cognitive-behavioural 

David Klonsky (Associate Professor), PhD University of Virginia, 2005
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Behavioural; cognitive behavioural; humanistic/person-centered 

Amori Mikami (Associate Professor), PhD University of California – Berkeley, 2004
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Cognitive-behavioural; Community Psychology

Joelle LeMoult (Assistant Professor), PhD University of Miami, 2012
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Cognitive-behavioural

Wolfgang Linden (Professor), PhD McGill University, 1981
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Combines Systems approaches, Cognitive-behavioural, Acceptance  & Commitment Therapy; Motivational Interviewing, and Adlerian

Sheila Woody (Professor), PhD American University, 1992
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Evidence-based treatment

UBC Psychology Clinic Director

Ingrid Söchting, PhD Simon Fraser University, 1996
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Schema-based Cognitive Therapy; Behavioural Therapy; Cognitive Therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT; Weismann & Klerman)

Affiliated faculty

Note: Emeritus faculty do not accept or supervise graduate students.

Kenneth Craig (Professor Emeritus), PhD Purdue University, 1964

Boris Gorzalka (Professor Emeritus), PhD University of California, 1974