Research interests:

Dr. Paul Hewitt’s research interest focuses primarily on personality vulnerabilities and their implications for psychological difficulties among adults, adolescents, and children. In particular, he has conducted extensive research on the construct of perfectionism as a maladaptive and multidimensional personality trait and interpersonal style that is related to problems such as suicide, depression, personality disorders, and relationship, achievement, and health problems.  Additionally, he is conducting research on the treatment of perfectionism and provides assessment and treatment for individuals with perfectionism problems and trains clinicians in the treatment of perfectionistic behaviour.

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Winter 2016

PSYC300A Behaviour Disorders - BEHAVIOUR DISORD Sections

The definition, history, and scope of deviant behaviour; emphasis on the psychological factors that control its origins, maintenance, and modification.

Winter 2016

PSYC401 Clinical Psychology Sections

Theoretical and research foundations of the processes of assessment and behaviour modification in clinical psychology. Credit will not be given for both PSYC 400 and PSYC 401.

Winter 2016

PSYC534B Clinical Psychology Practicum - CLIN PSYC PRACTM Sections