Research Computing Support

Research computing support is broken into two categories: General Research Computing (GRC) and Advanced Research Computing (ARC).

General Research Computing:

General research support is provided directly by members of the Psychology IT team. We provide:

  • Research equipment support
  • Research software installation and support (local)
  • Basic script and error troubleshooting
  • Design consulting

Please send your requests to and your support will be directed as needed.

Advanced Research Computing:

Compute Canada is a national organization that provides computing resources for researchers across Canada, sponsoring national and regional initiativesMost resources that fall into the advanced computing category will first require a Compute Canada login, called a CCRI. Once you have a CCRI, you can then apply for an account with the regional organization, WestGrid. While Compute Canada offers plenty of resources, we recommend looking at WestGrid’s options as a starting point for computing.

How do we create an account?

A PI must first register with Compute Canada:


Once one is signed up as a supervisor, you will then receive a CCRI identifier and can then apply for a Westgrid account:


Once you have a CCRI identifier you can also provide that to any of your researchers that will be using the resources. They can then apply for a Compute Canada account and then a Westgrid account.

Westgrid support is available to Faculty, Graduate students, Postdoctoral fellows and researchers. For researchers performing serious computational research requiring Linux software libraries, toolkits, bulk storage, data archival, virtual servers, computing clusters, we highly recommend you start by checking out Westgrid’s freely provided resources. Additionally, UBC’s ARC unit now provides WestGrid support directly for the UBC community.

Extensive Research Software List: Free Access

Computing Clusters: Free Access

Secure Cloud Storage – 50GB Free

Video Collaboration

Compute Canada
In addition to Westgrid’s offerings, Compute Canada has competing and complimenting research resources available to researchers for free.

• large scale computation
• large memory machines
• accelerated systems (GPUs)
• scientific gateways, portals, etc.
• cloud services
• high-throughput storage and compute systems
• archival storage