Report a Problem

Areas requiring maintenance:

Use the online form to report an area requiring maintenance (e.g. non-urgent safety concern, ventilation issue, lights replaced).

If you have an urgent maintenance issue you may also contact Trouble Calls directly at 604-822-2173

Accidents, incidents or urgent safety concerns:

Report immediately in person to your supervisor or to:

  • Director, Administration: Tara Martin, Kenny room 2513
  • Safety Committee Chair: Sue Birch,┬áKenny room 2031
  • Department Head: Geoff Hall, Kenny room 2503A

Emergency contacts:

Police/Fire/Ambulance – 911
Hazardous Materials – 911
UBC First Aid – 2-4444
Campus Security – 2-2222

Emergency response:

View or download the Douglas T. Kenny Building Emergency Response Plan (PDF).