Report a Problem

Areas requiring maintenance

Use the online form to report an area requiring maintenance (e.g. non-urgent safety concern, ventilation issue, lights replaced).

If you have an urgent maintenance issue you may also contact Trouble Calls directly at 604-822-2173

Accidents, incidents or urgent safety concerns

Report immediately in person to your supervisor or to:

  • Director, Administration: Tara Martin, Kenny room 2513
  • Safety Committee Co-chair:┬áPeter Graf,┬áCIRS Room 4352
  • Department Head: Geoff Hall, Kenny room 2503A

Emergency contacts

Police/Fire/Ambulance – 911
Hazardous Materials – 911
UBC First Aid – 2-4444
Campus Security – 2-2222

Emergency response

View or download the Douglas T. Kenny Building Emergency Response Plan (PDF).

Health and safety

Updates from the Department of Psychology’s Local Health and Safety Commitee (LHSC).

Reporting procedures for accidents and incidents
This month the LHSC would like to remind department members about reporting procedures for accidents and incidents. All accidents/incidents involving UBC workers (faculty, staff & student employees) must be immediately reported to the responsible superior, and then on-line to through the Central Accident Reporting System (CAIRS). CAIRS can be accessed directly from the homepage of […]