Travel Awards

In addition to funding provided by the program supervisor, students may receive up to four travel awards during their MA and PhD programs. This funding may be used to reduce the cost of delivering a talk or presenting a poster at an academic conference. Students apply first to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate Student Travel Fund for one trip in each of the MA and PhD program and then to the Department for one additional trip in each program using the Graduate Student Travel Grant Application form.

The Department also has funding available from the estate of a distinguished alumnus, Dr. Michael J. Quinn. In addition to other activities, we’ve established Quinn Exchange Fellowships for students pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology at UBC through short-term exchanges with graduate students in universities outside of British Columbia. In addition to enhancing research opportunities, we anticipate that this program will foster new ties with foreign academics, create opportunities for innovative research collaborations, and broaden job prospects for our graduates. Depending on the distance and duration of the trip, up to $3000 will be provided for each partner in an exchange (the host and the visiting student). Visit Quinn Exchange Fellowships website for more information.

The Faculty of Arts also has the Graduate Research Awards for MA and PhD students. These awards are designed to help Graduate students with their research program associated with their degree. Awards are up to $1,000 and are to cover the costs of travel and other research-related expenses (but not conference or workshop attendance and travel).