Research Assistantships (RA)
Faculty in our department maintain a high research profile, attracting over $5 million each year in grant funding. Most have very active labs with opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate research assistantships. These appointments are desirable because they involve students directly in work that is relevant to their research interests. RAs are arranged directly with the faculty member who is usually, but not always, the student’s supervisor.

Teaching Assistantships
Teaching assistantships are available to all Psychology graduate students. The Department provides approximately $560,000 for such appointments each year. In 2016, the stipend for a full-time appointment (average of 12 hours/week for 8 months) is $11,579 for MA students (amount subjects to change based on CUPE 2278 collective agreements). Students admitted to the program are contacted in late spring concerning these positions.

For more information, please refer to Research and Teaching Assistantships at UBC.