Announcement: 2014/15 UBC Psi Chi Undergraduate Award Winners

The department is pleased to share the winners of UBC Psi Chi’s annual awards! Since September 2011, UBC Psi Chi (our local chapter of the international honours society) has awarded $8,050 in undergraduate travel awards and other awards recognizing outstanding individual achievements. More Please join us in congratulating the following students on their outstanding work: […]

2015 Quinn Memorial Lecture: speaker and date announced

Each year the Quinn Memorial Lecture brings together the UBC Psychology community and friends for an evening of dialogue. We’re excited to announce that Dr. Susan Carey, Professor  of Psychology at Harvard University, will be joining us on September 17, 2015. Stay tuned for more details on the event, and the title and abstract of […]

Q & A with prof Elizabeth Dunn: a “Yes” vote in the transit plebiscite is a vote for happiness

UBC psychologist and researcher Elizabeth Dunn, co-author of Happy Money, says there’s more at stake in the Metro Vancouver transit referendum than shorter commute times and climate change. The way you vote could also impact your happiness level. How does commuting affect a person’s overall happiness? If you look at how happy people feel during […]

UBC Psychology prof. Liisa Galea a 2015 YWCA Women of Distinction Award Nominee

Recently the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award nominees were announced. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Liisa Galea, who was nominated in the category of Technology, Science & Research. Recognized nationally, the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards honours individuals and organizations whose outstanding activities and achievements contribute to the well-being and future of our community. Below […]

UBC Psychology Professor Eric Eich appointed as the new Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Academic Affairs

In December 2014, the UBC Board of Governors accepted President Arvind Gupta’s recommendation to appoint Prof. Eric Eich as Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Academic Affairs, for a five-year term commencing in July 2015. Eric has a significant record of service to both the university and the psychology community, serving as the Head of Psychology, as […]

UBC Psychology Prof. Stanley Coren on the impact of setting our clocks one hour ahead

Image: CollegeDegrees360, Flickr As we spring forward, is Daylight Saving Time worth it? UBC  Psychology Professor Emeritus and sleep expert Stanley Coren is the former director of the Human Neuropsychology and Perception Laboratory and author of the 1996 book Sleep Thieves. In this Q and A, Coren discusses the risks and benefits of setting our […]

UBC Psychology faculty awarded UBC’s 2015 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund

Please join us in congratulating our faculty who have received UBC’s 2015 Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) towards their work in supporting and encouraging innovation in a teaching and learning environment. Professors Peter Graf and Catherine Rawn, have received funding towards their project ‘Fostering Peer Learning & Assessment Skill’. This project will create and […]

UBC Psychology prof. Catherine Rawn is using social media to build a course

UBC Psychology Senior Instructor Catherine Rawn is developing a course called the Psychology of Social Media, which she will teach as Psyc 325 in January 2016. This course is currently listed as a developmental course, but will emphasize themes of social and personality psychology. She has already begun brainstorming and you’re invited to participate in […]

UBC Psychology researchers are among UBC’s Canada Research Chairs

Call them catalysts, magnets, even disruptors; the federal Canada Research Chair (CRC) program is specifically designed to “attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.” Backed by CRC funding, these gifted professors, eminent academics and researchers — the Chairs — ‘set up shop’ in Canadian universities, freed to focus on research […]

How to rev up a sputtering relationship

Is your relationship going stale? UBC Psychology researcher Heather Morton explains the research behind flagging libidos, and offers tips on reigniting the flames of passion. Why did you want to study partner novelty? If you Google “How to enhance sexual desire” or “How to spice up your relationship,” you will find a large number of […]

New research: Caring youth-parent relations can be vital to preventing adolescent suicide attempts

Positive relations between youth and their parents can be key to preventing adolescent suicide attempts, according to research from UBC Psychology. Suicide is the third-leading cause of adolescent death worldwide, and is responsible for a quarter of all adolescent deaths in Canada. The research examines the link between parental bonding – a term describing the quality […]

Pick a card, any card: UBC Psychology prof Ron Rensink co-authors a study that shows how magicians sway decision-making

Magicians have astonished audiences for centuries by subtly, yet powerfully, influencing their decisions. But there has been little systematic study of the psychological factors that make magic tricks work. Now, a team of Canadian researchers has combined the art of conjuring and the science of psychology to demonstrate how certain contextual factors can sway the […]

UBC Psychology prof. Jiaying Zhao is exploring how your environment affects your happiness

A force of nature Surrounded by forest and ocean, UBC’s Vancouver campus has no shortage of breathtaking vistas. It was one of these vistas that a sparked an emotional reaction in Dr. Jiaying Zhao, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at UBC. When tears sprung to her eyes she realized what she felt was […]

17th Annual Psychology Undergraduate Conference Application: Feb 13, 2015

In preparation for the 17th Annual Psychology Undergraduate Conference in March 2015, the Psychology Students’ Association of UBC (PSA) is now accepting applications for oral and poster presentations. Anyone who has conducted any form of psychology research (with a faculty supervisor) during the 2014-2015 academic year is encouraged to apply. This is a great opportunity […]

Psychology student awarded UBC’s Premier Undergraduate Award

Join us in congratulating UBC Psychology student Colin Xu, who was recently awarded one of UBC’s most prestigious Premier Undergraduate Awards – Amy E. Sauder Scholarship and Jean Craig Smith Scholarship. The Premier Undergraduate Scholarships and Wesbrook Scholars are the University’s most prestigious designations, given to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership, and involvement in student […]

UBC Psychology in the news: Checking your email less can help reduce stress

A new study by PhD candidate Kostadin Kushlev and Professor Elizabeth Dunn in the Department of Psychology suggests that easing up on email checking can help reduce psychological stress. Read first-hand about their research in this article they co-wrote in the New York Times. Stop Checking Email So Often Is email overload bad for you? […]

Dr. Catharine Winstanley’s Synapse of Discovery

UBC Psychology Professor Catharine Winstanley’s one-of-a-kind approach to gambling addiction is a highlight of the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, a major research and clinical facility at UBC. Dr. Winstanley would like to eliminate the stigma around mental illness and hopes for the day when it can be proven unequivocally that it is a […]

UBC Psychology Prof. Andrew Baron’s Path to Research

To better understand their research, UBC researchers were asked some questions about the path to their discovery. Dr. Andrew Baron‘s answers are explored in this Path to Research special feature. Genesis of the Project Idea Professor Andrew Baron knew he had to visit Vancouver’s Science World the day before his job interview at UBC. Not […]

Ideas that shape our future: Michael Muthukrishna a SSHRC Storyteller Finalist

UBC Psychology doctoral student Michael Muthukrishna is spreading the word about the Database of Religious History, a world-changing research project at UBC. And he’s doing it in an unusual way. Michael rose to the challenge of communicating the impact of SSHRC-funded research by compressing this complex research project into a compelling three-minute video. He then submitted it […]

Meet the author: a conversation with Ingrid Söchting

Dr. Ingrid Söchting, a recognized expert in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), joined the Department of Psychology in September 2014 as Director of the UBC Psychology Clinic. Söchting has been instrumental in developing CBT group programs for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder, as well […]

ICYMI: UBC Psychology Prof. Andrew Baron cautions against gender-specific toys

In this Q and A, UBC developmental psychologist Andrew Baron discusses the pitfalls of gender-specific toys and offers advice on the toys and activities that can spark the imagination. What kinds of toys should parents avoid giving children? Parents, friends and relatives can inadvertently give toys that reinforce gender stereotypes about play, and what types […]

Season’s Greetings from the Department of Psychology at UBC

Wishing our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends a joyful holiday season and the very best in 2015!   UBC Psychology holiday hours: Our administration office will be closed December 25, 2014 through January 1, 2015, with limited service December 22-24 and January 2. Our advising office will be closed December 19, 2014 through January […]

Apply to lead a Student Directed Seminar: January 9, 2015

Interested in leading a Student Directed Seminar (SDS) in the 2015/16 academic year? SDS’s allow senior undergraduate students to either participate in or initiate and coordinate small, collaborative, group learning experiences. Examples of previous courses include topics on ADHD and Alzheimers. Learn more. About You’ll have the chance to create a 400-level seminar with the […]

A research rebuttal: mind-wandering over matter

Kieran Fox and Kalina Christoff, cognitive neuroscientists in UBC’s Department of Psychology, have recently published a paper ‘Is thinking really aversive? A commentary on Wilson et al.’s Just think: the challenges of the disengaged mind‘ in the journal Frontiers. This opinion piece is a response to a controversial study published in the journal Science. The […]

Gift giving 101: a holiday Q & A with prof. Elizabeth Dunn

Christmas. A time of giving. But what exactly should you give? UBC Psychology professor and happiness expert Elizabeth Dunn offers some advice on the holiday ritual of gift giving. What are the psychological benefits of giving – for the giver and the receiver? Is it better to give than to receive? It’s important to remember […]

UBC Psychology study in Altmetric’s Top 100 for 2014

The study ‘Trolls just want to have fun’ is co-authored by UBC Psychology professor Del Paulhus and is featured in Altmetric’s Top 100 research papers for 2014. The study’s first author, Erin Buckels, was a UBC Psychology MA student at the time, and the second author, Paul Trapnell, is a former PhD student. The researchers […]

Checking your email less can help reduce stress: New study by PhD candidate Kostadin Kushlev

Check less to reduce email stress Is your inbox burning you out? Then take heart – research from UBC’s Department of Psychology suggests that easing up on email checking can help reduce psychological stress. Some of the study’s 124 adults — including students, financial analysts medical professionals and others — were instructed to limit checking […]

Psychology Prof Elizabeth Dunn shares her research at TEDxColoradoSprings

On October 11, 2014, UBC Psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn presented her research at TEDxColoradoSprings, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dr. Dunn is the author of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, co-authored with Mike Norton at Harvard Business School. Dr. Dunn conducts original research on self-knowledge and happiness, with a current focus on […]

Eric Eich to deliver Frederick Howell Lewis Distinguished Lecture in 2015

UBC Psychology professor Eric Eich will deliver the 2015 Frederick Howell Lewis Distinguished Lecture at the next American Psychological Association (APA) meeting in Toronto. The lecture is on “Building a Better Psychological Science” and it is sponsored by Psi Chi, in association with APA. Previous Howell Lewis Lecturers include John Cacioppo, Elizabeth Loftus, Steven Pinker, […]

Psychology, Food and Friendship: Faculty Q & A

Professors Frances Chen, Jiaying Zhao and Rebecca Todd are scientists in the Department of Psychology at UBC. In this Q & A they reflect on their research, their ideas, their mutual love of food and the friendship they have formed in their first year at UBC. Q: How did you get started in your career […]

The Centre for Gambling Research at UBC officially opens

Probing the psychology of gambling, helping problem gamblers and enhancing gaming policy are key goals for the new Centre for Gambling Research at UBC, which opens today. The Centre – one of only a handful of such research hubs globally – is headed by leading gambling psychologist Luke Clark who joined UBC this year from […]

CBT group therapy pioneer named new director of the UBC Psychology Clinic

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Ingrid Söchting as the new Clinic Director of the UBC Psychology Clinic. Söchting, who joined the Department of Psychology in September 2014, will lead the operational activities of the clinic. Prior to this, Söchting was chief psychologist in an outpatient mental health interdisciplinary program at Vancouver Coastal Health for […]

Boo! Why we love the trick, and not just the treat, of Halloween

UBC Psychology prof Sheila Woody talks about our fascination with being spooked. Why do we enjoy scaring others, and ourselves? There are different elements that come with being afraid. There’s a cognitive part that has us on edge, or uncertain about what’s going to happen next. There’s the physical part where we experience arousal from […]

UBC Psychology professor Kiley Hamlin shares research on early moral cognition with the Dalai Lama

Prof. Kiley Hamlin took part in the sold-out event Educating the Heart in the Early Years: A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama on October 22, 2014 at UBC’s Chan Centre for Performing Arts. Revered worldwide for his compassion, quick wit and intelligence, the Dalai Lama is one of UBC’s most distinguished Honorary Doctorates. This unique […]

Dr. Jiaying Zhao named Tier II Canada Research Chair

UBC Psychology professor Jiaying Zhao is named a Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Sustainability. Please join us in congratulating her on this accomplishment! Dr. Zhao is using this funding towards building the Behavioral Sustainability Lab in the Department of Psychology at UBC. Chairholders are leading researchers in their areas and improve Canada’s depth of knowledge […]

New research: children as young as five can be critical of adults who make overly-confident claims

Research from the Psychology departments at Concordia and UBC reveals that children as young as five can gauge when adults are overconfident. From the words for colours to how to tie a shoelace, kids have lots to learn — and for the most part, they depend on others to teach it to them. But whether […]

Chalk it up to experience: Steven Barnes’ stop-motion animations bring blackboard to life

A blackboard and chalk may not sound like cutting edge technology, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the way UBC psychology instructor Steven Barnes employs the classic tools of the teaching trade. With the help of research assistant Chandra Jade, the tenure-track instructor is developing a series of 10 stop-motion animations for his third-year Brain and […]

Prof. Ara Norenzayan awarded James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship

(October 1, 2014) Please join us in congratulating UBC Psychology Professor Ara Norenzayan, recipient of a 2014–2015 James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship. The Fellowships allow recipients to extend their sabbatical periods from one semester to a full year. During his sabbatical, Norenzayan will investigate how the field of psychology can tackle religious diversity, including secular […]

New research: Chemical signals in the brain help guide risky decisions

(September 11, 2014) A gambler’s decision to stay or fold in a game of cards could be influenced by a chemical in the brain, suggests new research from Stan Floresco, professor in UBC’s Dept. of Psychology. The rise and fall of dopamine plays a key role in decisions involving risk and reward, from a baseball […]

2014/2015 Department Colloquia: confirmed speakers

Join us for a series of intriguing talks and scientific inspiration. Annually the Department of Psychology hosts a Colloquia Series throughout the academic year. This exciting program brings us together outside of the classroom to have conversations with our faculty and students and the speakers we’ve invited to our campus to share their ideas. You’ll […]

UBC Psychology Professor Elizabeth Dunn a SSHRC Impact Connection Award finalist

(September 8, 2014) The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) announced the top three finalists for 2014 Impact Awards in the Talent, Insight, Connection and Partnership award categories. Congratulations, high fives and happy faces to Elizabeth Dunn, who is a finalist for the Connection Award! The Connection Award recognizes an outstanding SSHRC-funded initiative to […]

UBC Psychology’s Sunaina Assanand’s five dos and don’ts for new students

(September 3, 2014) As a senior instructor in UBC’s Dept. of Psychology, Sunaina Assanand has logged countless hours in classrooms. Lecturing to an average class size of 200 to 250 students, she’s also seen her fair share of classroom antics. To better help first-year university students achieve success, Assanand, now an associate dean in the […]

UBC Psychology Imagine Day Orientation Presentation

(September 2, 2014) Join us for a series of UBC Psychology information sessions and get connected to the psychology community. During these sessions, you will learn more about curricular and extracurricular opportunities available to psychology students, the Psychology Department’s BSc Program, the Psychology Department’s Honours Program, and upcoming events for psychology students. We will begin […]

Catherine Rawn awarded 2014 Knox Master Teacher Award

(August 20, 2014) Please join us in congratulating Catherine Rawn, recipient of the 2014 Robert E. Knox Master Teacher Award from the Department of Psychology. Catherine, a Senior Instructor in our Learning Enhancement area, received this award for her commitment to teaching excellence. This award recognizes our dedicated professors with significant career achievements in teaching. […]

UBC Psychology MA student Jennifer Lay is a Vanier Scholar

(August 18, 2014) Congratulations to UBC Psychology MA student Jennifer Lay, recipient of a 2014 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship! Jennifer is one of thirty-two UBC doctoral students awarded $50,000 a year for three years. This award allows Jennifer to continue her research in ‘Overcoming barriers to social engagement: Exploring associations between self-esteem, social self-efficacy, everyday […]

New research on eye-tracking devices sheds light on the implications of wearable technologies

(August 6, 2014) Wearers of smart glasses such as Google Glass can easily forget they’re recording what they see and despite the best of intentions, can violate other people’s privacy. That’s the suggestion of new research out of the Brain and Attention Lab in the University of British Columbia’s Dept. of Psychology. For a study just […]

Professor Emeritus Stanley Coren featured in the UBC Annual Report

The Audience Sits Up, Rolls Over Popular author, lecturer, blogger, broadcast celebrity, academic researcher and canine expert; Professor Emeritus Stanley Coren received the Maxwell Medal of Excellence from the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA). The author of some 400 research papers and articles on a wide range of psychological areas and 19 books for […]

Q and A with Luke Clark, leading gambling psychologist

  (July 18, 2014) Dr. Luke Clark, a global expert in the field of gambling research, joins the Department of Psychology as the inaugural director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC. Clark, who led the UK’s largest study of pathological gamblers, will lead the academic and operational activities of the Centre beginning July […]

UBC Psychology research a feature story in UBC’s 2013/14 Annual Report

On the UBC Vancouver campus, the walls do ‘speak’ and apparently, some far more persuasively than others. To assist the UBC Campus Sustainability Sort it Out program and to underline the campus as a ‘living lab’, the UBC Department of Psychology monitored the recycling outcomes at two popular eating areas in two very differently designed […]

Jason Snyder receives 2014 MSFHR Scholar Award

(July 9, 2014) Join us in congratulating Assistant Prof. Jason Snyder on his recent Scholar award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. The award goes towards his project: functions for new neurons in remembering stressful experiences and repairing the adult brain. He is among thirty-two exceptional BC health researchers named recipients of Scholar […]

Canada’s Most Versatile Psychologist: Dr. Peter Suedfeld

(July 7, 2014) At the 75th Annual CPA Convention in Vancouver, Dr. John Connors gave a fascinating talk on UBC Psychology Professor Emeritus Peter Suedfeld’s background, history and groundbreaking research in the field of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy).

UBC Psychology welcomes new Department Head

Dr. Geoffrey Hall begins his five-year term as Department Head on July 1. Hall is the Director of the Language Development Centre and a part of the Early Development Research Group, a group of five research centers interested in the development of language, learning, and social understanding in children. He succeeds Dr. Alan Kingstone, who […]

UBC Psychology faculty receive new NSERC grants

June 26, 2014 Six UBC Psychology professors involved in research ranging from understanding our lifespan memory development; to components of human selective attention are receiving new funding through the Discovery Grants program of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Peter Graf (Discovery grant) Prospective memory across the adult lifespan Todd Handy […]

Job interviews reward narcissists, punish applicants from modest cultures

Media Release | June 12, 2014 A study by UBC Psychology Prof. Del Paulhus finds that narcissistic applicants are more successful in job interviews than equally qualified candidates who act more modestly. The findings suggest that applicants from cultures that place greater emphasis on humility, including some Asian cultures, may have a harder time landing […]

Dr. Peter Suedfeld a Featured Fellow in Canadian Geographic

UBC Psychology Professor Emeritus Peter Suedfeld is a Featured Fellow in the June 2014 Canadian Geographic! Dr. Suedfeld has journeyed to places such as Antarctica to study the effects of isolation on people. Read the full profile here.  

UBC Psychology student awards announced

Each year, UBC Psychology students are recognized for their department contributions and overall academic achievements. Please join us in congratulating our exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who received the following awards: Undergraduate award recipients Jean Bolocan Prize (outstanding BA student in final year of study) Sandy Yee Eric Eich Award (outstanding BA student in final […]

Dads who do chores bolster daughters’ aspirations

Fathers who help with household chores are more likely to raise daughters who aspire to less traditional, and potentially higher paying, careers. So finds a new study that suggests how parents share dishes, laundry and other domestic duties plays a key role in shaping the gender attitudes and aspirations of their children, especially daughters. While […]

PhD student Benjamin Cheung awarded UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Hearty congratulations goes out to UBC Psychology PhD student Benjamin Cheung, recipient of a 2014 UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award! UBC annually awards teaching prizes to UBC teaching assistants in recognition of the valuable role that they play in undergraduate programs.                           […]

A former UBC Psychology Professor’s Honorary Degree acceptance speech

Ten years ago Nobel Laureate and former UBC Psychology professor Daniel Kahneman received an honorary UBC degree alongside his wife Anne Treisman, also a former UBC Psychology professor and a 2011 National Medical of Science Laureate. Kahneman earned the Nobel Prize in 2002 for integrating psychological research into economics, particularly concerning human judgement and decision-making […]

Sisters’ achievements a combination nature and nurture

Twin sisters Negah and Pegah Mortazavi are in synch in all aspects of their lives. They joined UBC with matching entrance scholarships to pursue their honours degrees in psychology. Their enthusiasm and energy mirrors one another and they share a close bond. The scientist in them attributes this to culture, genes and environment. “Very early […]

Dr. Sunaina Assanand Awarded UBC Killam Teaching Prize

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sunaina Assanand, who received the 2013/2014 UBC Killam Teaching Prize. UBC Killam Teaching Prizes are awarded annually in the Faculty of Arts and they recognize distinguished teaching at all levels of instruction. Dr. Assanand was selected for this award in recognition of her reputation of being an outstanding teacher who […]

UBC Psychology Professor Liisa Galea on ‘baby brain’ and other ways that motherhood changes a woman’s brain chemistry

Motherhood permanently alters the brain, exposing moms to different health risks than women without children, says UBC neuroscientist Liisa Galea. Galea says understanding the long-term effects of motherhood will improve medical care and treatment for mothers. Read the Q and A with Liisa Galea at UBC News.

Benjamin Cheung receives Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Congratulations goes out to UBC Psychology MA student Benjamin Cheung, recipient of the 2013/14 Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award! UBC annually awards teaching prizes to UBC teaching assistants in recognition of the valuable role that they play in undergraduate programs. With over 2000 Teaching Assistants working at UBC, winning this award is a remarkable achievement. The […]

Dr. Janet Werker Elected as 2014 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced its 2014 class of new members, which includes winners of the Nobel Prize; the Wolf Prize; the Pulitzer Prize; National Medal of the Arts; MacArthur, Guggenheim, and Fulbright Fellowships; and Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, and Tony Awards. Dr. Werker’s membership is an exciting first for the Department of […]

The new pulse of digital music

UBC Psychology major Diana Brownie is transforming music and dance in UBC’s Laptop Orchestra. The third-year Psychology student says the ensemble’s motion technology helps non-musical collaborators feel more part of the show. “As a dancer, the music typically dictates your movements,” Brownie says. “But with this, your dancing create the sounds – so it’s been […]

Canada Fund for Innovation awards UBC $2.2M to boost research

Congratulations to UBC Psychology researchers Frances Chen and Kiran Soma who received Canada Fund for Innovation awards to fund their research!

UBC Psychology doctoral student Michael Muthukrishna is a SSHRC Storytellers finalist

UBC Psychology’s Michael Muthukrishna created this video to explain Psychohistory and was selected as a Top 25 Storyteller. The top entries demonstrated the impact of SSHRC research and addressed key societal issues highlighting how research in the social sciences and humanities helps us understand and improve the world around us.

CPA Clinical Section Educational Activity Student grant awarded

Congratulations to our graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program who successfully received a Canadian Psychological Association Clinical Section Educational Activity Student Grant! The grant is subsidizing registration fees for UBC and SFU clinical psychology graduate students for a workshop on Psychological Treatment of Addiction and Concurrent Disorders on May 9, 2014. Registration is open […]

UBC psychology professor Joseph Henrich renewed as Canada Research Chair in Culture, Cognition and Co-evolution

Research ranging from Latin poetry to neuroethics at the University of British Columbia has received an $8.5 million boost in federal funding for eight professors appointed or renewed as Canada Research Chairs. The UBC contingent is among the 102 new and renewed chairs announced Friday by Ed Holder, Minister of State for Science and Technology, […]

The power of the crowd

In the age of Kickstarter, tech-savvy scientists explore new ways to engage the public in their research. When Docky Duncan started crowdfunding for his quirky research project, he didn’t think he was doing anything out of the ordinary. “If a local rock band can be successful at crowdfunding, we figured a bunch of scientists should […]

Head games: How the mind works when gambling

Tiny ‘rat casino’ offers insight into brain and possible treatments for compulsive gambling UBC Psychology Prof. Catharine Winstanley’s work on gambling addictions will be a highlight of the new Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, a major new research and clinical facility that recently opened at UBC. In 2009, Winstanley’s Laboratory of Molecular and Behavioural Neuroscience […]

2013 Undergraduate Student of the Year Honourable Mention

UBC Psychogy student Eva Kwan received an honourable mention for the Arts Co-op Student of the Year Award! Eva was recognized for her work at the Canadian Space Agency’s Operational Space Medicine Programme, where she supported Commander Chris Hadfield with his mission to space. “She made a huge difference in the success of my spaceflight […]

Spring forward? Is Daylight Saving Time worth it?

Daylight Savings Time causes an initial hazard, but there is “a life-saving benefit,” says UBC Psychology Professor Stanley Coren.

Gambling research pioneer to lead new centre at UBC

Leading gambling psychologist Luke Clark will join the University of British Columbia’s Dept. of Psychology as inaugural director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC to advance research and understanding of problem gambling behaviours. Clark, who led the UK’s largest study of pathological gamblers, will lead the academic and operational activities of the Centre beginning July 1, 2014. […]