About UBC Psychology

UBC’s Department of Psychology advances the study and understanding of psychology to improve individual and societal well-being. We do this by creating a stimulating and collaborative research environment with a unique focus on enhanced teaching and learning.

We are Canada’s top-ranked psychology department and are ranked 12th globally. Our 51 faculty members and 115 full-time graduate students conduct research across the spectrum of psychology, representing eight sub-disciplinary specializations: Behavioural Neuroscience, Clinical, Cognitive Science, Developmental, Health, Learning Enhancement, Qualitative Methods, and Social/Personality.

The most popular undergraduate Major at UBC, Psychology currently has over 1700 students working toward their BA degree and over 120 studying for their BSc. During the 2013 academic year, more than 13,500 UBC undergraduates took at least one of our 52 courses (comprising 180 sections). Psychology was initially introduced as a single course and was offered by the Department of Philosophy in 1915. Over the years the number of courses and instructors grew until we officially became the Department of Psychology in 1958.


Photo: Geoff Lister